CAIP Quebec & Atlantic

The New Frontier of Alternative Investments

Discover Critical Opportunities in an Age of Volatility

Developed economies that seemed locked in some form of secular stagnation are at last showing some signs of being in a new era.  It is the “old normal” where healthy economic growth, mid-range inflation and increased volatility are taking over.

That has created a need for a whole new strategic approach for alternative investments in 2019.

And it has raised many questions:  Which alternatives thrive best in such an environment?  How does the geopolitical outlook impact the critical risks and the search for value in 2019?  What are the opportunities and challenges for leading the industry into a digital future? And much, much more!

Now in its 4th year, this is the premier alternative investments conference for pension fund investors across Quebec and Atlantic regions.


“The Opportunities for Institutional Investors with the Canada Infrastructure Bank”

President and CEO
Canada Infrastructure Bank

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